Tim Norman Net Worth

Tim Norman is an American entrepreneur best known for his appearances on OWN Network’s Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, which documented his family’s soul food restaurant business.

Former prisoner Timothy Wallicks stars alongside his mother in OWN NAACP Image Award-winning docu-serie, Togetherness. Additionally, Timmy was given to him from former partner Jenae Wallicks with whom he shares parental duties for their son named Timmy.

Early Life and Education

Tim Norman is unquestionably an incredible character who has worked incredibly hard to attain what he has in life. Although initially suffering a lot, it has taken him incredible effort and sacrifice on his part to reach this stage in his career.

Robbie Montgomery stars alongside her son in OWN’s NAACP Image Award-Winning show Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, as well as writing a book on parenting and addiction recovery. Robbie was previously an NBA player himself, as well as being in several relationships, including with Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams.

Jenae Wallick was once his fiancee; they separated in 2017 due to a shift in their roles at their family restaurant. Since then, he has been living alone.

Professional Career

Tim Norman made a successful transition into business despite facing hardship at an early age, using talent and determination. His television show, Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, gained great acclaim. Additionally, he’s an established soul food restaurant owner.

Philanthropic efforts on his part have resulted in much recognition and awards, which remain unknown due to privacy considerations; however, research is currently being done to collect additional details on these awards.

Beyond his success in the restaurant industry, Norman may have also invested in other business ventures and property purchases that have contributed to his accumulating fortune. Furthermore, he may have secured lucrative endorsement deals or television appearances that increase his income further.

Achievement and Honors

Tim Norman has earned significant renown as both an entrepreneur and reality TV personality, garnering widespread acclaim for his efforts as well as serving as an advocate for various charitable efforts in his local area.

Norman stands as an inspirational story of resilience and determination despite his difficult childhood. After spending his teenage years in jail, he decided to make something of himself by joining his mother’s soul food restaurant business.

Norman made numerous appearances alongside his mother on the OWN network series Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, chronicling their family-owned soul food restaurant. He has remained an integral part of this show for nine seasons.

Norman previously dated Basketball Wives LA star Jennifer Williams, who issued him with a permanent restraining order according to The Blast in 2018. In addition to television, Norman has also been actively involved in music industry as a musician.

Personal Life

Tim Norman has made a name for himself in the soul food industry despite enduring a challenging start in life, promoting culture across southern United States and appearing on reality show Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s.

Chef Sean is known to be a strong supporter of family, dedicating himself to the success of his mother’s restaurant business and other ventures such as real estate investment and personal training. Recently, however, there was controversy when he engaged in an intimate public relationship with Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams that became public knowledge.

In 2020, Norman was charged with conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire relating to Andre Montgomery’s shooting death and subsequent collection of his $450k life insurance policy by Travell Anthony Hill. Norman is said to have hired Travell Anthony Hill so as to kill Montgomery so he can collect on this life policy policy.

Net Worth

Tim Norman has earned significant earnings through his TV personality career; however, legal battles and damaged reputation have taken their toll on his net worth.

He strongly believes in the power of self-improvement and motivational speaking to help overcome personal and professional struggles. He frequently speaks at events about this subject matter.

Tim Norman was born July 13 in Missouri and served time for various crimes before working at his mother’s restaurant Sweetie Pies as well as appearing with her on OWN NAACP Image Award-winning docu-series Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s. Additionally he starred in other reality shows and even briefly dated Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams before going back on probation; Tim had one son with former partner Jenae Wallick named Timmy who he met while serving time.

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