Toad Mario Costume

Toad Mario Costume

If your child is a huge Mario fan and loves wearing costumes, consider getting a Toad Mario costume. This classic character is one of the most iconic from the Nintendo video game franchise. These costumes are officially licensed and are available in a variety of sizes. The costume includes white work pants, a blue vest, and brown shoes. It also includes a plush mushroom headpiece with red spots on the white surface.

Toad comes from the kingdom of the Toads and has a sister named Toadette. She first appears in the video game “Super Mario Kart: Double Dash”. You can also get a costume based on the Tanooki version of the character. This costume also features an organ sound that mimics the sound that Bowser makes when he loses a life.

The Super Mario Maker version of the game includes a costume version of the main character, which you can use to turn Mario into a variety of characters and objects. It is exclusive to this game and can be obtained through the 100-Mario Challenge mode or by completing certain Event Courses. In addition, this version includes some unique amiibo characters and costumes.

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