Tony The Closer Ex Girlfriend 2017

Tony the Closer Ex Girlfriend 2017

During the month of May the city of brotherly love was abuzz with a new crop of singles and couples who have found each other on Facebook. Among the more notable is Meek McCollum and his sexy babe Milano Di Rouge who opted to become a family of four as opposed to the usual twosome. Aside from their philandering, the pair have nailed it on the parenting front and are certainly getting down to business. A couple of weeks ago, they were spotted out and about in the big apple. It’s no surprise they were spotted having fun at a bar or two.

What’s not surprising is that the former piques the interest of the latter-femmes. Indeed, the aforementioned duo have spent a fair amount of time together over the last several months. The duo has been spotted at various locales during the past few months, including NYC’s premiere nightclub and a spot for a few rounds of golf. The duo also made a splash on Instagram and Twitter, allowing the public to get a glimpse into their sexy lives. Unlike most celebs, the duo are not stingy when it comes to sharing their sexy adventures. One would think that Tony and Nicole could be inseparable in the privacy of their own homes, but that isn’t the case.

As for aforementioned duo’s dating history, it’s hard to say where they’ll be heading next. While it’s too soon to make a judgment on the sexiest of them all, we’ll likely hear from them at some point. Until then, we’ll continue to enjoy their sexy antics and hopefully, their sexiest of escapades. Lastly, the aforementioned duo is clearly a high-functioning couple, who are capable of being silly and naughty at the same time. Hopefully, this will lead to a more harmonious relationship between the duo.

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