Toolshed Jack

Toolshed Jack

Toolshed Jack has been delighting audiences in Schuylkill County for nearly two decades. Established in 1997, its members hail all from Mahanoy City where many have played together since before then. Since its formation, Toolshed jack has quickly grown in popularity in Schuylkill County while expanding beyond its borders.

Early Life and Education

Toolshed Jack has become one of the premier party bands in Schuylkill County since 1997, becoming an incredible draw for state fairs, private parties, block parties and other events requiring music entertainment. Their repertoire features pop, rock and disco from different eras of musical history.

Mahanoy City residents make up its founding members, all boasting extensive musical education. Additionally, they participate in local and college marching bands and jazz ensembles. Since 2018, Squeak Melusky has joined as full-time drummer, adding considerable drumming expertise to their sound and stage presence. If compensated properly, the band would prefer using any existing sound/lighting systems at venues they visit instead of providing their own systems.

Professional Career

Toolshed Jack (TSJ), founded in 1997, has been delighting audiences for more than two decades. Based out of Mahanoy City and with members from Schuylkill County as current and past members, TSJ now performs at venues throughout eastern Pennsylvania.

The band offers an enjoyable set list that is widely familiar among audience members, which they can adapt their style for, ranging from rock and pop, disco and funk music, with Squeak Melusky as their recent drummer addition. Available for parties, private events, state fairs, block parties and other venues alike with or without sound and lighting equipment provided – we bring our own system but can work around local systems as needed!

Achievement and Honors

Corey Wood was honored with the Josh Willingham Award, bestowed annually upon Division II’s most valuable player at UAM. Corey is an extraordinary athlete with exceptional leadership abilities who has become one of the Blossoms’ star performers both on the football and basketball fields.

TSJ was formed in 1997 and quickly gained notoriety throughout Schuylkill County. They have performed at countless events such as state fairs, weddings and block parties; performing popular rock songs from all genres and decades adapted specifically to each event or celebration – offering fun and entertaining tunes that resonate with audiences at these occasions. Their songs remain fun and entertaining! As one of the leading cover bands in Schuylkill County with strong fan bases local as well as expanding beyond its borders – making TSJ one of its leading cover bands!

Personal Life

Jack found a small kitten behind his tool shed that had become very distressed due to no mother cat being present and no siblings to care for it. So he took them in, giving the kitten his name Teddy.

Once his wife died, Jack continued living in Pine Valley without giving in to anyone’s pressures to return to Soquel more frequently. He enjoyed his home, his Charles Russell prints, and playing semi-competitive rounds of putt-putt with Jacob, his grandson.

Schuylkill County residents know the band well, but now they’re expanding beyond its borders to play at state fairs, private events, weddings and block parties – with music from virtually all genres and decades, adapting their performance based on audience preferences.

Net Worth

Jack Met is a multi-instrumentalist musician specializing in guitar, melodica, drums, piano and even the ukulele. Additionally, he excels in programming and synthesizers and is known for his strong work ethic and commitment to excellence. Jack also enjoys spending time with animals.

He boasts an expansive musical repertoire and has performed at various locations around the globe. With a passion for music at his core and sharing it with others as part of a shared experience, he has established himself in his industry and gained a large fan base on social media.

Toolshed Jack has been entertaining Schuylkill County audiences for more than 21 years. Established in Mahanoy City and all members hailing from there, Toolshed Jack has slowly increased their notoriety outside its county borders and begun playing across eastern Pennsylvania.

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