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A Look at Tosh Jewelry

Tosh has kept his personal life out of the public eye until now; now appears as though he’s ready to break cover with a new interview series that will focus on everyday people.

He has shown his admiration for historically black colleges and the Miami Hurricanes, but is looking forward to visiting Brigham Young.

Early Life and Education

As a child, Tosh lived in an extremely poor family. His parents worked tirelessly and saved every penny possible – going so far as selling their milk and produce for profit.

He was an unwavering activist, fighting for freedom and fighting injustice through his work. Never afraid to express his opinions freely or surprise with bold assertions, he could deliver messages both lightheartedly or with fiery passion.

Many incarcerated Japanese Americans found art and crafts a great way to pass the time during their confinement, providing purpose and an outlet for creativity. Art therapy played an essential part of their incarceration experience and enabled them to cope better with difficult living conditions.

Professional Career

Tosh Jewelry from Vancouver offers stylish yet cost-effective everyday jewelry with luxurious detailing at an accessible price point. Their iconic signet silhouette cast in 14k gold-plated bronze stands out from the pack; she will adore its timeless appearance and luxurious details.

Tosh is a beauty enthusiast who takes great pleasure in her appearance through fashion, fragrance and makeup; jewelry is just another step of self-care she enjoys taking. She prefers on-trend pieces that feel current while providing quality and value that she can depend on.

Achievement and Honors

Tosh has won numerous accolades for his designs. Cannes, D&AD, The One Show and New York Festivals all recognize them while his jewelry designs have also been showcased in publications like Vanity Fair and Wall Street Journal.

In 2021, Tosh rode Cannon Creek to numerous prestigious hunter competition victories with him winning several of them including Grand Hunter Championship at Pennsylvania National Horse Show as well as first round 3′-3″ Championship of USHJA Green Hunter Incentive Championships as well as placing in money-winning positions three other mounts.

Tosh Tosh has an intense fascination for pearls and enjoys spreading his knowledge. To do so, he has appeared in commercials for Ehime Pearl which has been offering pearl sales since 1992.

Personal Life

Tosh has been collecting pearls for 23 years. His passion lies within helping others see their beauty. Tosh’s longstanding success in the pearl business owes to this fact.

Toshi donates his designs to organizations close to his heart. Not For Sale is an organization dedicated to ending human trafficking worldwide while Fonderie 47 creates luxury jewelry made from assault rifles collected during conflicts in Africa.

He’s also an advocate of community college football teams, wearing tees from Brigham Young to demonstrate his support of historically black colleges and universities, Duke and Ohio State t-shirts as well as one from a Florida community college!

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