Touch Up Cup Net Worth

The Touch Up Cup Net Worth

After the Touch Up Cup was a hit with consumers, its creators decided to seek an investor. Blake Mycoskie was interested in the product and offered them $200,000 for a 25 percent stake. The two entrepreneurs eventually accepted the offer. The business was valued at $850,000. Although the company started out as an online only company, its products were now available in more than 4000 retail stores.

Jason Grill

The Touch Up Cup was founded by Jason Grill. The company is still in business today and is worth $1.5 million. The Touch Up Cup was first valued at $150,000 and Jason took on a 10% equity stake. After a successful Shark Tank show, the company generated $1 million in sales within one year. The company expects to reach $3 million in sales by 2022. It is available to the public and has four patents.

The Touch Up Cup is a unique airtight container that keeps paint fresh for years. The silicon gasket inside the cup helps the paint stay fresh for a longer time. This product is designed to be used for minor home improvement projects, like painting. Jason and Carson Grill are partners in DZ Innovations, a company that pitched for $150,000 in exchange for a 10% equity in the company.

Jason Grill is the father of Carson Grill, who is the inventor of the Touch Up Cup. While his son has never talked about his life before the Touch Up Cup, he has publicly discussed the product’s success. The Touch Up Cup is a revolutionary product that can keep paint fresh for up to ten years. Jason and his son, Carson, invented the Touch Up Cup together. Their son, Carson, is now a high school student.

Jason Grill’s touch up cup net worth is estimated to be over $2 million. The company’s products are available at retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Jason Grill is also collaborating with painter’s tape brand Frog Tape to sell Touch Up Cup under a private label. The company is aiming for two million dollars in sales by 2021.

Carson Grill

Carson Grill is a high school student who developed a new product, the Touch Up Cup. It is a unique, air-tight container that helps preserve paint for years. The silicone gasket inside the cup makes the paint safe and fresh. It is also a convenient way to paint a small area quickly and easily. Carson Grill and his father, Jason, pitched the Touch Up Cup idea on Shark Tank, a TV show on which aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their products. In exchange for a 10% equity stake in the venture, TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie offered $150,000 to fund the company.

During their appearance on Shark Tank, the Touch Up Cup company is worth $1.5 million. The two inventors hope to gain additional funding by selling the product to other consumers. The Touch Up Cup is an innovative paint storage container, and the Sharks are impressed with Carson’s business savvy.

The Touch Up Cup has seen a surge in sales and publicity. It has received calls from Australia and New Zealand, as well as appearances on “Good Morning America.” The company’s product received mostly positive reviews and is gaining momentum in the marketplace. Currently, Carson balances school work and the Touch Up Cup’s sales. He hopes to reach $5 million in sales by the time he graduates from college.

The company has now sold its Touch Up Cup at more than 4,000 retail locations across the country. The Touch Up Cup has been able to generate over $220k in sales in the last two years and is on track to hit $400k in sales by 2020. The Touch Up Cup costs around 90 cents to produce. Its retail prices range from $3.99 to $4.

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