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Trackmaster Talking Henry

Trackmaster Talking Henry from Fisher-Price is a push-along Thomas and Friends train designed for children ages three years or more. This battery operated engine can talk, sing and play his famous phrases for endless fun! Compatible with other trackmaster engines and playsets for maximum escapism! Perfect for all trackmaster fans aged three years or up!

Fisher-Price’s revamped TrackMaster motorized trains take Thomas and Friends on exciting adventures! Simply flip the switch, and they’re off the tracks!

Early Life and Education

Henry was an influential figure in education and the formation of friendly societies after Emancipation. He served as head teacher of Lane School, first chairman of Berkeley Educational Society, helped found Oddfellows Lodges throughout Bermuda, and even joined the founding committee for Industrious Man’s Library.

Fisher-Price made history when they redesigned Henry to have two headlamps on one of his engines – an attribute still retained today with their TrackMaster Henry train figure, who can join other diecast TrackMaster train figures with plastic connectors to form an ever expanding world of motorized adventures!

Fisher-Price’s battery operated Talking Henry features his signature phrases and sounds, such as chugging noises and whistles. A great addition to any Thomas and Friends collection.

Achievement and Honors

The No. 3 green engine from Fisher-Price’s TrackMaster motorized engine line is one of the fastest and longest trains on any railway, beloved by children for his brightly decorated body adorned with vibrant paint splots. He can be pushed along tracks by children themselves for limitless playtime adventures – or connected with other TrackMaster playsets and engines (sold separately) for even more exciting railway experiences! Henry made musical appearances such as Fuse in 1999 and Scar in 2001 – both highly-textured meditations on love’s redemptive power as described by Thom Jurek of AllMusic.

Personal Life

Henry is a green mixed-traffic tender engine who enjoys exploring the forest. Once, when he saw Sailor John and Skiff together he got scared off as they reminded him of an abominable snowman! Henry often teases other engines such as Gordon and James who often get confused.

He was so vain as to want two tenders; these finally came his way when 7101 and 199 came to Sodor in 1967. Even so, he still teased smaller engines and often treated them rudely.

Henry struggled to pull trains during a period when main line engines had inadequate coal deliveries, prompting his fireman to suggest trying the high-grade Welsh coal used by Sir Topham Hatt’s Great Western Railway – which they agreed to buy for him.

Net Worth

Henry Henry has an abundance of money that he uses for lavish parties. To mark the 25th anniversary of his law firm, Henry held an extravagant bash that cost $10 Million in San Antonio with guests such as Cardi B and DJ Khaled performing as stars for guests at his event.

Henry is also an active philanthropist who donates time and resources to both the Texas A&M Athletic Center and Christian causes. Additionally, both Henry and his wife donate time and resources to local children’s hospitals.

Fisher-Price first unveiled the Redesigned TrackMaster series in 2012. Henry, Stepney and Lady were the only three engines with two headlamps; these features remain on his Redesigned Plarail version as well. Kids can connect other TrackMaster engines or vehicles (sold separately) through plastic Connectors on Henry for increased speeds, taller heights, and limitless adventures!

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