Transgender Romance Best Sellers

Best Sellers in Transgender Romance

Transgender romance novels have been published for decades, but until now they have been self-published or put out by niche presses. These books were often kept apart from romance novels in bookstores. The books are now being published by some the largest publishers in the industry. They’re not only being displayed in independent bookstores but are also available for purchase in stores like Walmart and are even advertised on subway platforms. Publishers like Penguin Random House are taking note of these trends, and they’re starting to put out their own transgender romance novels.

One of the best-selling authors in trans adult literature is Nikki Crescent, who has more than 20 novels out. One of her most popular titles, Succubus, is a great choice for those who want a book that’s filled with tantalizing bed scenes and life lessons. Carrick, the protagonist in this book, meets a mysterious blonde succubus, who teaches him life lessons.

Another genderqueer author, Alex Gino, has written “Charlotte’s Web,” which is a sweet novel about a high school play. George wants to play Charlotte, but he doesn’t have the courage to try out for the roles. This book is written in third person and has powerful and inspiring messages.

Another book from this author is a trans-themed paranormal fantasy by Aiden Thomas. It features a trans-latino boy. The novel is YA-specific and explores the topic of trans-masculinity. This is a book for anyone who wants to read a book that explores the issues of trans identity.

Other transgender romance books to consider are The Transgender Lover by Casey Plett, Caitlyn Jenner, and The Transgender Romance Book Review. The story is set in the transgender community and focuses on the complexities of being transgender. This novel is for those who are coming out or are curious about coming out.

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