Trevor Berbick Net Worth

Trevor Berbick was born on 1 August 1954 in Port Antonio, Jamaica and became an accomplished heavyweight boxer who won a bronze medal at the 1975 Pan American Games.

His career was marred by criminality, including being found guilty of raping his family’s babysitter in 1992 and serving 15 months in prison before being deported back to Canada after violating parole.

Early Life and Education

Trevor Berbick came from humble roots but managed to achieve incredible things, thanks to hard work and persistence. His success can be credited entirely to hard work.

From 1976 to 2000, he competed professionally as a boxer, facing some of the top opponents worldwide. Throughout this time he amassed 50 victories–33 by way of knockout–and won one world heavyweight championship against Pinklon Thomas in 1986.

Berbick had some legal difficulties that marred his success; in 1991 he was found guilty of assaulting his business manager – which was considered a felony at that time – as well as forging signatures on mortgage applications.

Berbick died on October 28, 2006 at 52. His body was discovered in a church courtyard with chop wounds to the head; he had become legendary in Jamaica where he lived.

Professional Career

Berbick made his professional debut by defeating rising prospect Bernardo Mercado. Unfortunately, in his second fight he suffered a narrow defeat at the hands of top contender Larry Holmes after engaging in an ongoing feud both inside and outside of the ring, with many fights documented on video footage.

With wins over undefeated prospects Mitch “Blood” Green and David Bey, he earned an opportunity at winning the heavyweight championship. Finally achieving success against Pinklon Thomas in 1986 he was victorious in winning that championship belt.

After retiring due to a brain clot in 2000, Berbick became a preacher at Moments of Miracles Pentecostal Church in Las Vegas. Soon thereafter he relocated to Florida, training young boxers but was soon after deported back to Jamaica due to a land dispute dispute. Tragically he was murdered there in 2006.

Achievement and Honors

Trevor Berbick was an iconic heavyweight boxer who competed at the 1976 Olympics, becoming part of the Golden Age of boxing and even facing Muhammad Ali himself in professional prizefights.

Berbick made waves in 1981 by becoming the first fighter ever to go 15 rounds with Larry Holmes during his title reign and become one of the few fighters who could push Holmes past 15 rounds. Later that same year he would go on to defeat Pinklon Thomas to claim the WBC heavyweight championship.

Berbick amassed 50 victories over 24 years, becoming a popular and influential figure in boxing. Known for his powerful right hand punches, he proved himself a reliable heavyweight who would beat such names as John Tate, Greg Page and an early Mike Tyson among many others.

Personal Life

Trevor Berbick has had an arduous legal and personal history. He was deported from the US on multiple occasions before eventually moving to Canada as his permanent residency.

Berbick became most well known after defeating Iron Mike Tyson for the first time ever in November 1986. Tyson won this fight and officially beat Berbick.

Once he lost to Tyson, Berbick’s career started to decline rapidly. Although he would fight a few more times after losing, a brain clot eventually forced him out.

Berbick is reported to be single and does not have any children, remaining very private about his personal life and seldom discussing it publicly. His influence over media and public is undeniable and his impact is immeasurable.

Net Worth

Trevor Berbick rose to fame as one of the last men to fight Muhammad Ali, as well as fighting Mike Tyson and becoming WBC heavyweight champion. Additionally, he had an extended feud with Larry Holmes who often challenged him both inside and outside the ring.

He clashed with the family babysitter, assaulted a former manager, forcing them to hold a gun against his head, and was also found guilty of falsifying signatures from former wives in order to obtain mortgage loans.

Trevor Berbick died at 52 and was laid to rest in Port Antonio, Jamaica. His nephew and co-accused were later convicted for his murder. Learn more about Trevor Berbick Net Worth, Biographie, Height, Age, Family Affairs, Cars & more here.

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