Turn Around And Say Goodbye Song

Billy Joel to Turn Around and Say Goodbye to Hollywood

It’s not a secret that “Say Goodbye to Hollywood” is one of Billy Joel’s best tracks. However, the album hasn’t featured the song in a while. This leads to a fair amount of speculation as to what happened to Joel and his motley crew on the way out. Regardless, the show was a memorable if not tumultuous affair. On the plus side, Joel did manage to score the best seat in the house in the bowels of the theater. The one and only downside was Joel was a little too oblivious to the proceedings. Nevertheless, he did manage to sing some of his most well known tracks in the process. Some of this is probably due to the fact that the band is made up of close kin. That said, if you are a fan of the music, you are in for a treat. To the tune of a few hundred bucks in the pocket. So, if you are a fan of Joel, be sure to get your fix before the end of the month.

Despite this, the aforementioned feats of the hand are no longer an issue as Joel’s wife Elizabeth has been a rock star in the making for years. Unlike her husband, Elizabeth is a true aficionado of the golden age of rock and roll and a self proclaimed afficionado of all things LA. Whether or not Joel has a shot at making the big time in Los Angeles is another matter entirely. There is always next year.

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