Up House Cookie Jar

Disney-Pixar UP House Cookie Jar

Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone or just want to have something to put in your kitchen, you might want to consider a Disney-Pixar UP house cookie jar. This whimsical ceramic cookie jar comes in two different sizes. The larger jar is great for holding cookies and other treats, while the smaller jar is perfect for holding drinks like milk and juice.


Featuring a gimmick akin to the Sleeping Beauty Castle cookie jar, this one-of-a-kind confection has plenty of room to spare. The novelty includes a miniature boxwood planter, and a set of eight cookie cutters to build 3D gingerbread houses of all shapes and sizes. The Up house has a few other cool features, including a removable roof and sculpted details. It is also worth noting that the Up cookie jar is made from a biodegradable material that will be a hit with any youngster with a taste for cookies and a sweet tooth.

It also makes for a swell gift to give or get. The Up Cookie jar was a big hit with my daughter, and I’m sure her friends are excited to get a piece of their own. In addition to the aforementioned jar, ShopDisney has also snuck in a few other Disney-Pixar inspired goodies. They are currently running a promo in which you can score free shipping and a free copy of the book, “Disney’s Up.” If you’re looking for an upbeat way to spend your holiday money, you might want to give them a call.

Carl Fredricksen’s house

Among the most iconic locations in Disney Pixar’s Up is Carl Fredricksen’s house. The house is situated in a construction site and is surrounded by thousands of helium balloons. Carl and Ellie renovate the house into their new home. They save money to go to Paradise Falls. However, Carl is forced to live in the house after Ellie dies.

Earlier versions of the movie had a different plot. However, Carl and Ellie end up having a love affair while they are in the house. Carl’s house makes a cameo in the seventh season episode “Beauty”.

Carl Fredricksen is an admirer of the explorer Charles Muntz. After hearing that someone has plans for him, Carl decides to take on a new adventure. When he reaches the house, he finds a book. Inside is a note that encourages Carl to have a new adventure. He finds Ellie’s Adventure Book. He finds thousands of balloons that will lift the house into the air.

Objects inspired by Disney-Pixar UP

Objects inspired by Disney-Pixar UP have recently appeared at ShopDisney. This cookie jar features cute green aliens dressed as Pixar characters, such as Wall-E, Russell, and Boo. The cookie jar is spacious enough to hold sweets and has a silicone gasket that acts as a lid. It has a removable roof and sculpted details. It is similar to the Sleeping Beauty Castle cookie jar, but with a more Disney-Pixar twist.

Another product inspired by Disney-Pixar UP is the Toy Story Cookie Jar. It features cute green aliens dressed as Pixar and Monsters Inc characters, such as Wall-E, Boo, and Russell. It also features a small collection of cookies and toys that you can place inside. It features a lid that can be opened with a balloon, just like Carl’s house.

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