Valery Lameignere

Valery Lameignere is a French writer renowned for his marriage with Molly Ringwald. Although he has written many literary pieces, he remains private about his life and personal affairs.

Since his divorce in 2002, he hasn’t had any romantic involvements or romantic affairs.

Early Life and Education

Valery Lameignere first gained public prominence through his relationship with Molly Ringwald. They married in 1999 but separated three years later with Molly filing divorce papers alleging cruel and inhuman treatment from Valery.

Molly is an American actress and author who has appeared in various movies and television shows, in addition to publishing several novels such as her first, titled ‘The Virgin Suicides’ published in 1980.

Valery and Molly began dating for eight years prior to getting married in 1999 in Bordeaux Village. Although the couple did not have any children during their marriage, Valery chose not to publicly discuss his personal affairs after divorcing Molly in 2002 and currently leads an unassuming life in France.

Professional Career

Valery Lameignere has since divorced Molly Ringwald and seemingly faded from public view, lacking any romantic partners and remaining silent on social media.

At present, he lives a quiet private life in Bordeaux village in France’s southwest near to its Atlantic coastline. As one of its premier writers in France.

Valery first rose to prominence when he married American actress, author, and filmmaker Molly Ringwald in 1999. They shared three years together before divorcing; no children came of this marriage and its reason remains unknown. Since then he has continued writing literary pieces; one notable book being Bienvenue a Gomorhe which received favorable reviews by readers.

Achievement and Honors

Valery Lameignere, known for his literary works, has also gained widespread acclaim as the former spouse of Molly Ringwald.

Molly Ringwald and Daniel D’Amico married in July 1999 before eventually divorcing two years later in 2002. Molly is an American actress known for appearing in several movies and TV shows including Sixteen Candles, Fresh Horses, Modern Orthodox, Not Another Teen Movie and The Wives He Forgot.

Valery Lameignere, on the other hand, is a French writer known for having published several books. Additionally, he served as script consultant on several films produced in France. With an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million and relatively unknown early life and education details (he does however belong to French nationality with white ethnic roots), his net worth remains uncertain.

Personal Life

Valery Lameignere keeps a low profile, keeping his personal life private and avoiding social media accounts or having children of his own. At present, he leads an extravagant single lifestyle.

Molly Ringwald was an actress and writer whom he wed in 1999 for three years before filing for divorce citing cruel treatment as the reason.

He holds both French nationality and White ethnicity. He has achieved great success as a fashion designer and author, writing several books as well. His estimated net worth stands at $500 thousand; in comparison, his former partner Molly Ringwald’s estimated net worth stands at an estimated $11 million – she has appeared in movies such as Sixteen Candles, Fresh Horses and Modern Orthodox.

Net Worth

Valery Lameignere has not been active since his split with actress Molly Ringwald in 2012. Instead, he continues working as a writer in France.

Due to his preference of keeping his personal life private, not much is known about his personal life and family background; however, speculation suggests he might have children from his previous marriages.

He hails from France and belongs to the White ethnicity. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches, he prefers not being approached by media and keeps his private life confidential. Although an attractive man with good looks and healthy attributes, his career and personal life remain free from controversy or scandals.

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