Vanessa James Net Worth

Vanessa James is a Canadian figure skater. She holds several accolades including being crowned 2019 European Champion and 2018 World bronze medalist – multiple French national championships being among them. James previously skated alongside Morgan Cipres.

She is an internationally acclaimed celebrity, known for her appearances in various films and TV shows.

Early Life and Education

Born in Scarborough, James moved to Bermuda when she was ten and later to Virginia to train at the Washington Figure Skating Club. Her father Kevin James hails from Bermuda while her grandmother Ethlyn James hails from Devonshire; James made history in 2006 by becoming the first black skater ever to win a British Championship before switching over to pairs skating with Yannick Bonheur; with whom they went on to claim bronze at Vancouver 2010.

James currently resides in New York City, designing sets and costumes for productions by Joseph Papp Public Theater. Her credits include William Burroughs’s Naked Lunch and Thomas Cole’s A waking Dream; in addition to this she holds 2019 European Champion and 2018 World Bronze medalist status with Morgan Cipres as her partner.

Professional Career

Vanessa James is an award-winning figure skater who has achieved great success through hard work and dedication to excellence. Vanessa also serves as an amazing role model to young people across the nation.

James began skating at age 11. Her interest was ignited after watching the 1998 Winter Olympics; she competed for Great Britain as an individual before switching to partner skating with Morgan Cipres.

James has earned numerous medals in Grand Prix and Challenger series competitions with her partner. They won several European and World bronze medals together as well as six French national championships. James currently competes on CBC’s Battle of the Blades 2020 version alongside former professional hockey player Akim Aliu.

Achievement and Honors

Vanessa James is a celebrated figure skater who has earned a solid reputation within the sports industry. Born in Scarborough district of Toronto, Ontario Canada but raising most of her childhood years in Bermuda before eventually relocating to Virginia United States at age 10. Both Vanessa and Melyssa James are professional figure skaters.

Before transitioning to pairs skating in 2007, she competed internationally for both Great Britain and the United States, and her first partnership was with Yannick Bonheur; together they won multiple French national titles before competing at the 2010 Winter Olympics, finishing 14th.

Their next partnership, alongside Morgan Cipres, won bronze medals at both the 2019 European and 2018 World Championships – as well as becoming six-time French champions!

Personal Life

Vanessa James is an acclaimed figure skater who has found great success in her career. With an enormous social media following that helps gain her more recognition and make money, Vanessa lives a luxurious lifestyle with an estimated net worth between $4 to $6 Million; owns both an expensive luxury car and bungalow for herself as well as traveling the globe for work purposes.

She won five French Championships before competing at the 2010 and 2018 Olympics alongside Yannick Bonheur, and earned her spot. Additionally, Morgan Cipres joined her for those competitions.

Melyssa James also competed in figure skating competition and currently appears on CBC’s Battle of the Blades 2020 edition partnered with former professional hockey player Akim Aliu.

Net Worth

Vanessa James has long been known in the skating community. Over her years she has earned several medals and participated in multiple competitions.

She has also skated alongside Morgan Cipres as an unstoppable pair in figure skating competitions, winning medals at both Grand Prix and Challenger series events and placing as high as fourth at both European Championships and eighth at World Championships.

Vanessa James is one of the richest celebrities in skating, boasting worldwide recognition and popularity. Her fans faithfully follow her work and wish her well for future endeavors.

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