Vicki Daniel

Vicki Daniel – Actress, Grandmother, and Great-Grandmother

Vicki Daniel was a beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother who enjoyed snow skiing, traveling, spending time with her family and attending Cullendale Baptist Church.

Price Daniel was an influential politician from Liberty, Texas who offered her a life of privilege that she could barely bear.

Early Life and Education

As a child, Vicki eagerly anticipated the arrival of her neighborhood library bookmobile. Reading books offered Vicki an introduction to life beyond her immediate experience; from food-processing workers, field hands, and daring flappers to her beloved grandmother and more distant relatives; her interest was particularly peaked by their interconnection to larger historical events and personal journeys.

After attending Gulf Coast Community College and meeting inspiring teachers such as Jean Gould Bryant – who provided classes in women’s history and African American studies – she met historians Blanche Wiesen Cook and Leanor Boulin Johnson, who introduced her to new possibilities for career growth.

She conducts research that explores the intersectionality between class, race, culture, gender and time issues and provides advice and resources to young scholars of color.

Professional Career

She is an efficient, energetic researcher who completed her dissertation while raising a family. Additionally, she dedicates much of her time and efforts to service on local, regional, and national levels.

At Ballet Austin, she has helped develop curriculum and taught classes that promote healthy living for older adults. Additionally, she has designed and delivered Be Well Healthy Living talks at community businesses, organizations, and conferences.

Vicki found great strength and support from her college professors, particularly Jean Gould Bryant’s course in women’s history and Blanche Wiesen Cook’s lecture on Jane Addams by Blanche Wiesen Cook. Florida State University professor Albert Camarillo and Estelle Freedman provided invaluable mentorship. Likewise, many other graduate students benefitted greatly from their insight, generosity, and support – especially Jean Gould Bryant himself – at Stanford.

Achievement and Honors

She was an enthusiastic mentor of both undergraduate and graduate students, serving as co-director of UC Davis’ program for student-faculty collaborations. Additionally, she championed women’s history studies and pioneered studies of Chicano experience in America.

Efficient and energetic in her research approach, she successfully completed her dissertation while caring for two children at Stanford. Her scholarly community–led by Albert Camarillo who established Mexican American and Chicano studies and Estelle Freedman who pioneered feminist history–were key in supporting both her scholarship and career growth.

Vicki leaves behind her loving husband of 48 years, Ervin Gray Daniel; daughter and son-in-law Luke and Lauren Daniel; grandson Chase and Sydney Daniel; sister Sherry Mooney as well as numerous cousins and extended family members.

Personal Life

Vicki Daniel was both an avid reader and dedicated teacher. A graduate of Fort Smith High School and Ouachita Baptist University, she taught at Camden Fairview Middle School in Camden, Arkansas.

Her popular romance novels can be found in Harlequin Temptation and Blaze lines, and she also wrote non-fiction and co-authored a history book.

She was an active member of St. Columba’s Episcopal Church and Los Posas Country Club where she volunteered in their Altar Guild and Altar Guild, enjoying sunbathing as much as tending to her garden.

Susan Day and Chris Cooper star in the made-for-TV movie Bed of Lies which chronicles her marriage to Price Daniel, a Texas politician and state legislator, while their subsequent murder trial and subsequent acquittal is chronicled in Deadly Blessings published in 1987 and later made into a made-for-television movie in 1992.

Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is around $150k, thanks to her acting career, modeling gigs, brand endorsements and social media earnings.

Since 1978, she has been selling real estate as the President of Des Moines Women’s Countil of Realtors and serving her community through activism.

Vicki has made ten trades in First Horizon stock according to her Form 4 filings, the largest being exercising 8,568 units on 20 December 2016 in order to expand her holdings of 95,650 shares worth approximately $226,091. Additionally, she purchased two thousand units on 19 May 2023 as she has been trading it for more than two years.

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