Victoria Alonso Net Worth

Victoria Alonso Net Worth – How Much Is Victoria Alonso Worth?

Victoria Alonso, an Argentine film producer, rose to fame when working on Marvel Cinematic Universe films such as Iron Man and The Avengers.

She worked with Digital Domain as a visual effects producer for four years. She is both talented and hardworking.

As a child, she experienced life under a military regime where people were being forcibly removed and murdered.

Early Life and Education

Victoria Alonso is an Argentine film producer who specializes in visual effects. Since 2000, Victoria Alonso has earned significant amounts from her career and enjoys living an extravagant lifestyle.

She has worked on various films such as Iron Man, Kingdom of Heaven and Avengers; additionally she served as Executive Vice President of Physical Production at Marvel Studios.

Bisexual, Alonso is married to Imelda Corcoran, an actress and designer. They adopted an 8 year old daughter named Olivia together. Alonso maintains her personal life in private; therefore she does not participate actively on social media sites.

Professional Career

Victoria Alonso started her film industry career at an early age. For four years at Digital Domain’s Visual Effects Department she produced many movies including Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven, Tim Burton’s Big Fish, Andrew Adamson’s Shrek and Marvel’s Iron Man.

Alonso served as executive producer on 2019’s Spider-Man: Far from Home starring Tom Holland. Additionally, she served in this capacity on previous Spider-Man movies and other Marvel Cinematic Universe projects.

Personality-wise, Alonso is bisexual. She is married to actress Imelda Corcoran (Two Hands (1999), Lost (2004) and A Perfect Ending (2012)) with whom they share an eight year-old adopted daughter named Olivia. Alonso prefers keeping their details private rather than discuss them publicly or media-wise.

Achievement and Honors

Victoria Alonso is an esteemed Argentine film producer who has worked on multiple high-profile movies. For her efforts, Victoria has received many awards and honors in her industry.

Alonso was honored with The Visual Effects Society’s Visionary Award for her contributions on movies such as Iron Man (2008), Kingdom of Heaven (2005) and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Recently, she received the Key to the City of La Plata as well as being recognized with the National Medal of Arts for her contributions to cinema.

Alonso is married to actress Imelda Corcoran (LOST and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), whom he and Imelda share an 8-year-old daughter named Olivia who strongly champions diversity and inclusion within Hollywood.

Personal Life

Victoria Alonso is a prominent Film Producer who was born on 22 December 1965 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently stands 57 years old. She boasts beautiful features with blonde locks and hazel eyes – hallmarks of true beauty!

She is renowned VFX producer who worked on films such as Kingdom of Heaven and Iron Man. Additionally, she served as executive vice president of physical production at Marvel Studios before departing on March 17, 2023.

She adopted an eight year old girl named Olivia and later married Louis D’Esposito, also a film producer, since 1999 and lives together with him in Los Angeles, California. Both parties remain privately married about their personal lives.

Net Worth

Victoria Alonso has made waves in the film industry. Thanks to her fame and success, Victoria Alonso has become one of the wealthiest film producers in America.

Born 22-December-1965 in La Plata, Buenos Aires Province Argentina. Now aged 57. Married to Imelda Corcoran who is also an actress; together they share an eight-year-old daughter.

Victoria Alonso embodies beauty and is an admirable individual. She stands at 5’11”, weighs 65 kilos, has hazel eyes and blonde locks and hails from Argentina-American and Caucasian origin. Alonso attended University of Washington for undergraduate studies before going on to advocate for women filmmakers as a proud feminist and advocate.

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