Vida Henry

Vida Henry

Henry was known for being both compassionate and loyal, even breaking his own rules to save a life, which goes against his “do no harm” oath as a doctor.

He is laid to rest at College Memorial Park Cemetery in Houston, Texas and was an experienced career soldier serving with I Company 3rd Battalion 24th Infantry Regiment as first sergeant.

Early Life and Education

On a humid August night in 1917, Army sergeant Vida Henry lay exhausted and bleeding at the railroad tracks. His one-track mind focused on one goal – justice.

Vida’s mother was an outspoken supporter of women suffrage and alcohol prohibition, and Vida became actively engaged with social reform activities from an early age. She collected signatures for the Woman Suffrage Petition while volunteering for various philanthropic groups and welfare associations.

Between 1903 and 1917, she made four attempts at being elected to federal parliament as an independent women candidate, always as an independent. She had an interest in women’s political rights, often speaking out on their behalf in favour of suffrage or other reformist causes. Furthermore, she owned and edited Woman’s Sphere journal as well as conducting lecture tours throughout Victoria.

Professional Career

Later in her career she published several humorous verse books and contributed short pieces to various magazines. She was known as an outspoken critic of contemporary arts and politics as well as being a prolific book reviewer for The New York Times and Vanity Fair.

Henri Henry has won some of the greatest footballing honours worldwide and was an integral member of Arsenal’s double triumph (national championship and major domestic cup) in 2002. Additionally, Henry earned three honors with France in 2003. Additionally he managed Monaco and Montreal Impact in Major League Soccer (MLS).

Henri has since retired as an active player, but still remains involved with football – both as an educator and TV pundit. Currently assisting with coaching the Belgium national team.

Achievement and Honors

Vida was raised as the daughter of an avid suffragist and teetotaler who instilled in her the belief in true socialism as represented by the concept of the “brotherhood of man”. She read widely on political, economic, legal topics before attending Victorian parliamentary sessions to learn procedure while campaigning for reformist legislation.

In 1902 she traveled to America where she presented evidence at the International Woman Suffrage Conference on behalf of Australian women seeking Federal voter enfranchisement. Upon her return she established the Women’s Political Association, published the Woman’s Sphere newspaper and conducted lecture tours around Victoria.

She held fast to the belief that justice brings out the best in people and was an advocate for simple solutions to complex social problems, as well as being kind, genuine and welcoming towards those of any race or nationality who needed help.

Personal Life

Like many women involved with suffrage, she took an interest in politics, campaigned hard for reform and worked tirelessly towards that end. From 1903-1905 she served as President of the Women’s Political Association; published the Woman’s Sphere newspaper; and gave lecture tours around Victoria.

Vida attempted four times as an independent woman candidate to gain election to Federal parliament for both Senate and House of Representatives seats; she failed due to her uncompromising pacifism during war time.

Later in Vida’s life she became increasingly dedicated to Christian Science as she saw how “Righteousness can elevate a Nation”. She would read and preach this religion throughout Houston before her death on August 23, 1917 in College Memorial Park Cemetery.

Net Worth

Her career in modeling has enabled her to amass an impressive net worth. She has graced Playboy, FHM, and other magazines; films and TV shows; winning FHM’s Best Butt award in 2005 and ranking 89th on their sexiest list in 2017.

Henry is an active partner with the Prince’s Trust, regularly appearing at awards ceremonies to present prizes and helping organize charity football matches, even giving part of his salary from serving as Belgium assistant manager as donations towards such causes.

He owns several successful businesses including Circle Fine Homes, YSM Entertainment and YSM Apparels. In his free time he enjoys golfing and dressing in designer clothes – known for wearing them himself! In terms of diet he is vegetarian as he does not consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes.

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