Vito Bratta Net Worth

Vito Bratta Net Worth – How Much Is Vito Bratta Worth?

Vito Bratta is an American guitarist best known for being the lead guitarist in White Lion, an influential rock band from the 80s. His popularity and fanbase span the globe.

After the dissolution of White Lion, Vito disappeared for nearly a decade until doing an interview with Eddie Trunk in 2007. He still owns all rights to its music and has attempted to form a new group.

Early Life and Education

Vito Bratta is an esteemed guitarist who hails from New York City and was born July 1st 1961 under Cancer’s sun sign. Since his first performance at Carnegie Hall he has garnered international renown as an accomplished guitarist.

Bratta co-founded White Lion with Mike Tramp in 1983 and played as lead guitarist and main songwriter until 1992.

After his band broke up, Vito took a brief hiatus from music in order to fulfill his family responsibilities and assist his terminally ill father with caretaking duties. Additionally, he suffered a wrist injury which impaired his playing electric guitars; since then he has started picking back up again but only for short durations at a time.

Professional Career

Vito Bratta was the primary composer for White Lion, an influential glam metal band from Staten Island. Beginning his musical journey as part of Dreamer before co-founding White Lion alongside lead singer Mike Tramp in 1983. While playing with this group he earned recognition for his impressive tapping technique which won over many fans.

Eddie Trunk conducted an in-depth radio interview in February 2007 where Bratta took calls from fans and answered their queries for nearly three hours. During that interview he explained he never turned down a White Lion reunion but was focused on taking care of his terminally ill father while suffering from an injured wrist which made playing electric guitar painful for him.

However, he has worked tirelessly towards reaching his professional objectives and gaining widespread popularity worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

Vito Bratta is a widely respected guitarist and singer best known for his work with White Lion in the 80s rock band scene. Additionally, his musical talent has garnered him several awards and recognition.

He is an internationally acclaimed musician with many fans around the globe. As a skilled guitarist, his talent has allowed him to achieve great success and reach great heights of success.

Vito remains rather private about his personal life despite being widely known. He currently resides in his childhood home on Staten Island and works to support his family. Although he doesn’t speak openly about any potential relationships or the absence thereof, nor take drugs or smoke cigarettes – he appears not to like discussing personal details with people outside of his circle of family and friends.

Personal Life

Bratta is an internationally-recognized figure who has built his success through hard work and inspiring others with his remarkable working abilities and contributions to society. He stands as an outstanding role model for many.

White Lion’s high-energy track “Wait,” from their 1987 album Pride, caused quite a stir among rock media, with Derek Oliver of Kerrang! asserting that Vito Bratta of White Lion was better than Eddie Van Halen as an guitarist.

Since 1991, Bratta has remained off record. However, he made an appearance at two New York shows to honor L’Amour in 2007. Due to a wrist injury he ruled out any White Lion reunion; instead releasing his latest album called Second Time Around.

Net Worth

Vito Bratta amassed considerable wealth during his professional career and earned immense global fame through his musical talent, which is widely revered.

He was best-known as part of White Lion, particularly their song, “Wait.” His signature guitar riffs helped transform this tune into an enduring icon in rock music, as well as being an accomplished songwriter and arranger.

White Lion bassist Mike Tramp had left White Lion and faded from public view in 1995, only to make a surprise comeback in 2007. Since that time, he’s kept up communication with him, although their reunion remains unlikely for now; unfortunately he suffers from an injured wrist that makes playing electric guitar difficult; though they’re working to find solutions.

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