Volar Henry

The Volar Henry Approach

The volar Henry approach provides effective reduction of radial shaft fractures under tourniquet, but fractures of the proximal radius may be difficult to expose and reduce using this approach due to compression by pronator quadratus muscle.

This study seeks to improve the treatment of these fractures by adapting the Henry approach with sparing of PQ muscle. This is achieved by supinating the forearm and exposing flexor carpi radialis tendon sheath for separation in order to expose radial artery and median nerve.

Early Life and Education

Henry was born and raised in Galway, New York with a deep passion for music. As he attempted to become an actor – an endeavor which ultimately failed – Henry decided to follow his passion for science by becoming a teacher; unfortunately however at age 34 Henry experienced central nervous system DCS during an airplane flight and was grounded permanently.

To assess the proximity of key neurovascular structures during a modified Henry approach (MHA), distances were measured between the median nerve (MN), palmar cutaneous branch (PCB) and radial artery in 16 fresh frozen cadavers. We found that during MHA wrist crease innervation could potentially harm all three structures but innervation is safe in FPL proximal third along ulnar aspect.

Personal Life

Henry is both tough and romantic about the U-2. He has flown it in South Korea and Panama before helping to complete a mission over Iraq in 2006. Henry acknowledges that flying at an altitude more than twice that of commercial airliners offers unique perspectives on life.

As soon as he lost consciousness during flight, he was headed directly for a bunker looming in his windscreen. Regaining his senses, he performed an emergency maneuver known as traffic pattern stall recovery which requires reverse airflow into his cockpit to restore it to normality.

He recovered from DCS, yet its effects lingered on. He still suffers short-term memory problems and often forgets basic things, like fastening his seat belt. Since becoming a contractor at Beale and running new pilots through simulators.

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