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Warren Adams Net Worth

Warren Adams is widely recognized for his exquisite carving and jewellery in gold, silver, gemstones and wood, inspired by tradition from Gitksan/Nisga’a people of Nass Valley.

Adams apprenticed under Ron Sebastian of K’san School of Northwest Coast Art in Hazelton, BC. Additionally he studied under master carvers Walter Harris, Ken Mowatt and Earl Muldon.

Early Life and Education

Mercy Warren was brought up in a home where her brothers taught her to read and write. In 1754 she married James Warren and they went on to have five children together.

At the start of the American Revolution, her family and friends took an increasingly activist stance; Sam became one of its strongest opponents while James Warren led them against British policies in Massachusetts.

She wrote a series of satirical plays that lampooned British colonial leaders and their policies, especially Governor Thomas Hutchinson – four years before Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence!

She participated in the Boston Tea Party and boycotts against British imports, eventually becoming a leader of anti-British activity in her home town of Plymouth.

Professional Career

Warren Adams enjoyed an accomplished medical career that saw him retire in the late 90s to devote his attention to bookbinding and oil painting.

Patagonia Sur, one of the first for-profit conservation funds established by him, invests in scenically striking and valuable ecosystems throughout Patagonia. Since its establishment, this $25M fund has amassed 700K acres over time with several Chilean and American investors investing.

He is an award-winning director, choreographer, and adjunct professor of drama at both New York University and Princeton University. His recent projects include Pulitzer Prize-winning Off Broadway plays (How I Learned to Drive and Ruined), Opera Magdalena as well as Nora Ephron’s last film Julie and Julia. Additionally he co-founded WalkRunFly Production Company with whom he remains associated.

Achievement and Honors

Adams has achieved many significant accomplishments throughout his professional career. He has worked in theatre, dance, film and television as a writer, director, producer and choreographer.

Co-founding WalkRunFly Productions in 2009, which currently produces The Hunger Games on London stages and Whorl Inside a Loop on Broadway respectively, as well as film/television credits such as Julie & Julia, Bewitched, Africa Straight Up etc.

Adams received Warren Wilson College’s Young Alumni Award in 2014. Additionally, he has earned numerous other accolades throughout his career.

Personal Life

Warren credits much of her success as an actress to the support she received from family and friends. Her father was an influential militia colonel while James Otis Warren, her elder brother was an outspoken lawyer who led Patriot revolts against British taxes and regulations in the 1760s.

Mercy Otis Warren quickly made her mark by writing satirical works aimed at the British government and key officials in Massachusetts. Her first play, “The Adulator”, premiered in 1772 before publishing two others titled Defeat and The Group in 1773.

Through her political activism, Warren became friends with Samuel Adams who helped nurture her into becoming a woman of intelligence and strong moral convictions. Encouraged to write an American Revolution history book by Adams himself – although its poor sales meant Adams wrote several harsh letters criticizing Warren for writing it and telling her “history is not for ladies”.

Net Worth

Warren Adams currently boasts an estimated net worth of $20 Million and currently plays basketball with Oklahoma City Thunder of the NBA.

His net worth consists of salary, endorsements and assets accumulated over his successful basketball career – earning him one of the top 100 highest-paid athletes globally.

He has also established a charity trust in New Zealand called Sports Pathways Trust that provides pathways and platforms for students to build their basketball legacies.

He owns another venture in Patagonia where he has created three streams of income: ecotourism (using a vacation club/membership-fee model), land brokerage and carbon offset sales to schools and corporations. Although still early stages, this venture appears promising enough that cash flow should become positive soon.

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