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Dexter Morgan is a former serial killer, turned blood-spatter analyst for the Miami police. He lives a quiet life away from the temptations of his past, until his son comes along and turns his world upside down. Now, he must decide whether he wants to live a quiet, isolated life or return to his past and commit the heinous crimes that haunted him.

Dexter Morgan is a serial killer

If you are looking for a show that is dark and twisted, then Dexter Morgan may be your man. The show is about a Miami Metro Police blood spatter pattern analyst who is also a vigilante serial killer. Although his motives are not known, he is smart and follows the moral code set by his step-dad, Harry Morgan.

In the second season, Dexter Morgan is trying to protect his son Harrisson from the dark side of society. He is worried about a serial killer targeting someone close to him. In the meantime, his son Harrisson is taking a part-time job with Kurt. Dexter tries to protect him by turning into a protective ally. However, his method of protecting his son from drugs unleashes the Dark Passenger.

He is a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami police

Dexter is a serial killer who uses a “code” to kill only the guilty. In the show, he works as a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami police department, which gives him access to crime scenes and DNA evidence to prove a target’s guilt. He got this code from his dead adoptive father, Harry, who taught him the steps he must follow to avoid getting caught.

Dexter has always had the urge to kill people. He works for the Miami police department, and his coworkers are unaware of his activities. Upon getting information about a homicide case, he uses this information to kill the suspect. Dexter then betrays his office to get the information he needs to commit murder.

His son turns his world upside down

Dexter’s son Harrison has inherited the name McKay after his ex-girlfriend, Hannah, died of cancer. Dexter decides to move to a new city, but Harrison isn’t convinced by the prospect of a fresh start. But Harrison’s life is about to get turned upside down.

Dexter New Blood is a series based on the Jeff Lindsay novels. It follows the serial killer Dexter, who has a son that turns his world upside down. Despite his apparent success in suppressing the Dark Passenger, Dexter isn’t entirely free of his homicidal impulses, and he’s soon on a collision course with a dangerous local who has a dark past.

He is a quiet, isolated life away from the temptations of his past

Dexter’s quiet, isolated life is interrupted by the arrival of a new hotshot in town. This local celebrity wrecks havoc in the small community. In the wake of the incident, a mysterious stranger begins following Dexter. This new drama causes Dexter to question whether he can suppress the Dark Passenger and live a quiet, isolated life.

New Blood introduces a new character to the series, Harrison. He’ll be a big part of the series. His past was filled with violence, and he has spent a long time trying to hide it from his girlfriend Hannah McKay. However, he’s also a reclusive man, living in a quiet town away from the temptations of his past.

He questions whether he can continue to suppress the murderous urgings of his Dark Passenger

Dexter Morgan, the protagonist of Dexter New Blood, has been plagued by homicidal urges since childhood. Although the urges are strong, he has suppressed them, believing that he is above them. He adheres to a moral code that was taught to him by his adoptive father. He only kills people he knows are guilty of murder. However, he must be very careful to avoid getting caught.

Morgan has been living under a false name in Iron Lake, NY, for 10 years. He is a good father and has a lovely girlfriend, the Chief of Police. However, when his son suddenly shows up and tries to kill him, he is thrown for a loop. As he struggles to keep his cool and suppress his murderous urges, he finds himself on a collision course with a dangerous local.

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