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Waymond Thomas – Everything Everywhere All at Once

Wayman Thomas was a beloved pastor, teacher, mentor, and friend to many. Through Alpha Agape Ministries Inc. he donated Bibles and media equipment to prisons while supporting ministry works.

At graduation ceremonies held May 11, two Lamar State College-Orange students received summa cum laude, or “highest honors.” Amy Nicole Champeaux from Vidor received this distinction while Waymond Thomas Jefferson from Orange was honored with it for completing their associate of applied science degrees with industrial technology concentrations.

Early Life and Education

Waymond initially appears as nothing more than an awkward and ineffective father who shies away from confrontation, yet soon proves himself an invaluable ally to Evelyn’s search for meaning in life. He pleads for violence to cease in his universe while reminding her to fight with empathy rather than aggression.

Quan’s performance defies stereotypes of Asian male characters in Hollywood by using patience, kindness and proactive compassion as weapons against his battles – this also helps Evelyn overcome her aggression.

At the conclusion of the film, it becomes apparent that Waymond actually comes from another universe and took over Evelyn’s body to protect her from Jobu. Once free, he happily embraces Evelyn as his wife before departing with a big hug for his beloved wife.

Professional Career

Sullivan has trained everything from PGA pros to new golfers just starting out – but Thomas stands out. At 9 years old he already outshines most middle-aged hacks!

As a redshirt freshman at TCU, he finished second on their rushing list with 165 yards and one touchdown… was even on Doak Walker Award Watch List despite an injury during week two’s game at Kansas… and ran for 99 yards against Grambling State!

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Achievement and Honors

Thomas was honored as the 2007 Orange Leader Male Athlete of the Year for making an indelible mark on WO-S athletics during his three seasons, not only playing gridiron but also competing in baseball and track – earning three bronze medals at the 3A State Meet as well as leading his Mustangs team in home runs and steals during his senior season.

He is survived by Mildred Thomas; daughters Cindy and Doug Thomas of Yukon; Millie Thomas from Bethany and Theresa Thompson from Mustang; siblings; as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Memorial contributions may be made in his memory to Forty-Eight Creek Freewill Baptist Church.

Rachel Nicole Turner Rothenberger from Orange earned high honors (magna cum laude), meaning they achieved GPAs exceeding 3.65. These two students earned associate degrees of arts in professional and technical studies – process operating technology; Christine Eastepp from Groves earned certificate completion for vocational nursing studies.

Personal Life

Thomas was an incredible husband to Dianna and father to their children. A Christian, Thomas loved spending time with his family; fishing and woodworking were some of his passions that will be sorely missed by many.

He co-founded two alternative B.C. postsecondary creative writing schools during his lifetime and taught creative writing courses at Vancouver Centre and Nelson’s Kootenay School of Writing in British Columbia.

Thomas was fatally shot in Iowa City Sunday morning at 1:59 a.m. after police responded to an alley behind H-Bar on 220 S. Van Buren Street at this address and found a 36-year-old with gunshot wounds who was later treated and died later at an Iowa City hospital.

Net Worth

Everything Everywhere All at Once by writer-director duo the Daniels stars Ke Huy Quan as various versions of Waymond Wang: there’s the Alpha Waymond who travels between universes in search of an existential threat; as well as his more practical but charming husband Evelyn and caring parent Joy.

Waymond epitomizes the classic immigrant dad: his bowl haircut, thin wireframe glasses and fanny pack-clad figure make him stand out as an immigrant parent. His gentle persuasion serves as an effective counterbalance to Alpha’s aggressive advocacy on Evelyn’s behalf against antagonists – including an IRS agent who attempts to seize their laundromat for tax fraud.

Waymond shows his gentle nature is just as effective as his physical strength in one particularly touching scene, when an outraged Evelyn smashes a window at their local H-Bar and sweeps up all the broken glass left behind. His action shows just how potency his gentle nature truly is.

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