Weather For Egg Harbor Township New Jersey

Windfinder Forecast For Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

Looking for the current weather in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey? You can always visit Windfinder to get up to the minute forecasts. They are available for a variety of sports including kitesurfing, windsurfing, sailing, and fishing. Windfinder’s weather forecast for Egg Harbor Township uses the GFS model and is updated four times a day in three-hour time steps. The forecasts are updated for up to 10 days in advance.

Winter temperatures will be below normal

While it is impossible to forecast an entire winter season, general trends and climatology can guide an educated guess. Fortunately for New Jersey residents, the upcoming winter should be warmer than normal, but the region will still see normal amounts of precipitation. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center also forecasts that the winter of 2021 will be warmer than average for most parts of the eastern U.S.

The temperatures in Egg Harbor City will be below normal throughout the winter months, except for a couple of very warm months. The average temperature in this part of New Jersey will be higher than average from late June to early September. The coldest months will be January and February, when average temperatures will be below normal.

Precipitation will be below normal

In the coming days, the rainfall in egg harbor township, New Jersey, will be below normal. During this time of year, the state typically sees around three inches of rain. However, a “flash freeze” will cause puddles and wet surfaces to turn into ice. On top of that, Sunday’s high will only be in the mid-30s, 15 degrees below normal. However, this cold snap will not lead to significant flooding.

The drier part of the year for Egg Harbor City is between July and November. This time period features fewer days of precipitation, with only 7.2 days registering 0.04 inches or more. On average, precipitation will be below normal in July and August.

Temperatures will be near normal in the north

The temperatures for the next three days are going to be near normal in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Highs and lows will both be above average, and the northern part of the state will be a few degrees warmer than normal. In addition, the ocean air will be milder than usual, making it less likely for a heavy snowfall.

The highs for Sunday are expected to be in the mid-sixties, and the lows on Monday will be slightly cooler. The lows on Monday will be in the lower 60s, but the dew point will remain around 60 degrees. Temperatures will be near normal Tuesday and Wednesday, and a cold front will move across New Jersey next week. The next few days will be quieter, with occasional spells of rain and embedded thunderstorms.

Temperatures will be above normal in the south

The average temperature in Egg Harbor City varies widely throughout the year. During the summer, temperatures tend to be hotter and drier than other months. However, during the winter, temperatures can become quite chilly, especially in the north. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you should try to visit the area in late June or early July.

The temperatures will remain above normal for most of next week in New Jersey. The area is at a minor risk for flooding and wildfires. The climate change-related changes in the weather are also threatening human safety. In particular, “feels like” temperatures can lead to hospitalization or even death. The temperature and humidity levels are increasing at the fastest rate in geologic history, making such weather more risky and more dangerous.

Wind forecast for egg harbor township

The wind forecast for Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey is a useful tool for travelers to plan their trip. The forecast shows the wind speed today and the direction it will blow in the coming days. It also includes historical data on the wind direction in Egg Harbor Township. The forecast is updated four times a day in three-hour time steps.

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