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New Hampton, New Hampshire Weather

Listed below is a general overview of the New Hampton, New Hampshire climate. This area experiences four seasons, all of which are unique and have their own distinctive weather patterns. The wettest season in New Hampton is October, while the driest is February. Approximately 45.9 inches of rain fall on the area each year. Considering the location’s coastal location, New Hampton may experience both wet and dry weather throughout the year.

Partly Cloudy

The climate in New Hampton is influenced by the amount of precipitation, both in terms of total amount and intensity. The average rainfall in New Hampton, NH is 4.5 inches per month. The climate in New Hampton can vary greatly by month and season. For example, a month in June can have a precipitation amount up to 4.5 inches, while a month in August can have only a few drops.

The clearer part of the year in New Hampton is between June 6 and October 23. During this time, there are fewer clouds. In addition, there are fewer hours of sunshine. In August, the sky is clear 69% of the time. December, on the other hand, has cloudy days that average 58% of the time.


There are a variety of factors that affect the weather in New Hampton, New Hampshire. The average temperature, humidity, total precipitation, number of cloudy days and wind speeds are all factors to consider. For example, August has the highest average temperature in New Hampton, while June has the lowest average temperature.

Rainfall is generally low in New Hampton. The wettest month is October, while the driest month is February. New Hampton receives approximately 46 inches of rain each year and averages 73 inches of snowfall per year. The average humidity in New Hampton is about 59%, with just a few days of high humidity.

73 inches of snow

The amount of rainfall in New Hampton, NH varies throughout the year. The wettest months are October and February. Combined, these two months account for over 28% of the total yearly precipitation. New Hampton, NH experiences a moderate amount of humidity year-round, with just a few days in the summertime when humidity becomes unbearable.

The winters are relatively cool, with an average daily high temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit. In summer, temperatures are milder, with highs ranging from 33 degrees to a warm 87 degrees. The coolest months are February and March, when temperatures are colder, ranging from the low 50s to the low 30s. If you are planning a trip to the area, try to avoid visiting during the colder months of December, January, and February.

132.7 rainy days

There are 132.7 rainy days in New Hampton, New Hampshire every year. The wettest month is June, while the driest month is February. The town gets about 46 inches of rain each year, and averages 73 inches of snow. The town has about 199 sunny days and 205 cloudy days.

New Hampton’s climate is generally temperate. The average temperature is around 11degF, with only a few days of below-freezing weather. The coldest month is January, with temperatures averaging 7.7degF. There are fewer days of high humidity in New Hampton than in other places in New Hampshire.

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