Weather New Britain Ct Hourly

Hourly Weather Statistics for New Britain, Connecticut

You might have been wondering how the weather changes in New Britain, Connecticut. Here are the hourly and daily weather statistics for the area: average wind speed, average high and low temperatures, and average growing degree days. All of these statistics are important to know if you live in this city or plan to visit soon.

Average wind speed in New Britain

The average wind speed in New Britain varies throughout the year. The windiest months are February and July, with average hourly wind speeds of over 5.3 mph. The calmest months are August and December, with average wind speeds below 3 mph. You can learn more about the wind in New Britain by checking the daily forecast and the climate report.

The daily maximum and minimum temperatures are displayed for each month. You can also see the average hottest and coldest days of the month. Wind speeds are shown at the bottom of the graph. You can also enable or disable the wind-speed feature, which will show you the average wind speed during that month.

New Britain experiences a wetter season of approximately 4.4 months per year. The month with the highest average rainfall is June, while the month with the least rainfall is February.

Average daily high and low temperatures in New Britain

The average daily high and low temperatures of New Britain vary throughout the year. From November 4 to April 23, New Britain experiences a windier part of the year with an average wind speed of over 5.3 miles per hour. The calmest months are August and February. The coldest month is January.

Summer is a very warm month in New Britain. The high temperatures can reach over eighty degrees. Winters can be very cold. The average low temperature is a chilly five degrees. The warmest month of the year is July, with an average temperature of 83 degF.

The average high and low temperatures in New Britain are calculated from multiple sources. The temperature is adjusted for elevation and the sun’s position in the sky according to astronomical formulas. Temperatures can drop as low as 19 degrees in June and September. On the other hand, temperatures can soar to the high of 36 degrees in October and March.

Average growing degree days in New Britain

Growing degree days are the accumulation of heat over a year. They measure the integral of warmth above the base temperature, or the maximum temperature. New Britain, Connecticut, is in the northern hemisphere, and the growing season typically lasts from April 16 to October 20. However, there are rare instances of early growing season in New Britain.

New Britain experiences a mild climate. The average temperature in New Britain is around 73 degF. There are also many warm days during the year, but the weather rarely falls below 5 degF or rises above 91 degrees. The warmest time of year is July, when the average temperature is 83 degrees.

The cold season in New Britain lasts 3.3 months and is characterized by daily highs and lows that are below 45 degrees. The coldest month is January, with an average low of 21 degrees Fahrenheit.

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