Weather New York Mills Mn

Weather in New York Mills, Minnesota

When planning your trip to New York Mills, Minnesota, you should know when to expect certain kinds of weather. For example, you should know when it will be too cold to grow a plant in April, and when it will be too hot to grow one in August. Then, you should know how to dress appropriately for each season.


In New York Mills, Minnesota, the weather in winter is cold and wet. The lowest temperature was 33.8 degrees fahrenheit at 2:15 AM, while the highest temperature was 37.4 degrees fahrenheit at 5:36 AM. Depending on the location, the average daily wind speed can vary significantly.

The coldest month in New York Mills is January, with nighttime temperatures averaging -2.7 degrees. That’s a bit colder than the average for Minnesota. Winter in New York Mills also sees low humidity, with just a few days of high humidity. The shortest day of the month is December 21, while the longest day is December 1. The sun is usually visible for about nine hours of the day, with a few hours of twilight between midnight and sunrise.

The average high temperature in New York Mills is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainfall in New York Mills is approximately three and a half inches per year. The average number of sunny days is 194. The average number of days with precipitation is 93.


The average percentage of sky covered by clouds in New York Mills varies greatly throughout the year. From the end of May to September, the area experiences a rainy season of 8.4 months. The most windy month of the year is March, which averages 11.2 miles per hour. The calmer months of the year are April and January, which have a rainfall of less than 0.5 inches per day.

Visitors to the town can learn about the history of this city through its many historic attractions and cultural offerings. The town was established by Finnish immigrants in 1884. Today, the economy of the town depends on agriculture, fishing boat manufacturers, and service industries. However, tourism is a growing economic factor in the area.


Fall weather in New York Mills, Minnesota varies according to when the sun rises and sets. The length of the day in this region decreases by about 4 hours, 26 minutes. The longest day of the season is September 1; the shortest is November 30. The black line on the map shows the amount of time the Sun is visible. The colors on the map indicate when it is full daylight or twilight.

The average daytime temperature in New York Mills is around 68 degrees Fahrenheit and the average nighttime temperature is 26 degrees. New York Mills receives 1.40 inches of precipitation every month and experiences 3 wet days. The average humidity is 88%.

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