Weddle Basketball

Weddle Basketball Game

One biology class was enough to create Weddle, an NFL-themed Wordle spinoff created by two high school students in just one biology class. Weddle joins NBA fans’ Poeltl, MLB’s WARdle and NHL’s Gordie Howe as American sports league variants of Wordle.

Weddle is a guessing game designed to identify NFL players with clues such as team, division, position, height, age and jersey number. A yellow box indicates if a guess is close to being right while green indicates they have found the appropriate answer.

Early Life and Education

At Hiawatha Davis Rec Center in Minneapolis, a basketball team is playing to win. Although not in the WNBA or college league, that doesn’t matter; rather, this group of women enjoy playing for fun while recalling good memories and sharing in some hoop fun!

Weddle was raised in Fontana, California where she excelled at sports like basketball and football as well as participating in charitable efforts aimed at breast cancer awareness or those living with learning disabilities. After meeting Chanel at high school, Weddle married him in 2005; together they have four children: Brooklyn Marie, Gaige Leroy, Kamri Joe and Silver Jean. When not spending time with family or working out at the gym she loves spending time with friends or spending time at her local gym where she believes strongly in education as a powerful tool – something Weddle does regularly as an educator herself!

Professional Career

At Utah, Weddle served as a starter at safety, cornerback, and nickel back during his two years as a starter. During that time he earned Mountain West Conference Defensive Player of the Year honors as well as first team All-MWC and second team All-American honors during his sophomore year. Weddle amassed 277 tackles while forcing nine fumbles, recovering six for touchdown returns, breaking up 23 passes breakups and recording 18 interceptions; in total recording two returned for touchdown returns during his sophomore campaign alone!

He was selected by the San Diego Chargers in 2007 and became an ironman on the field during his three seasons with them, never missing a game due to injury or fatigue. Now free agent, Weddle hopes he will find another opportunity in the NFL but also keeps active playing pickup game with other ballers who wish him success in winning his bid for glory in Super Bowl LI.

Achievement and Honors

Two high school students took advantage of the Wordle craze by creating Weddle. One student handles website design and updates while the other handles social media for their game, which they named after former NFL safety Eric Weddle.

Weddle has now amassed an impressive 17-12 record as coach at Oakland City, helping the Oaks win eight of the last nine games to qualify for the NCCAA tournament.

Weddle has also been honored with being named to this year’s Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame 1991 Silver Anniversary team and holds 14 school records at Brownsburg. Additionally, she played four seasons at Warren Central under former Boilers coach Lin Dunn before her tenure with Brownsburg ended.

Personal Life

Weddle is currently living in Poway, California with his wife and four children. He is an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – commonly referred to as Mormon church – even though he didn’t grow up attending Sunday meetings himself. Chanel became his source for introduction into Mormonism.

They met and married at Rancho Cucamonga’s Alta Loma High School and married shortly thereafter in 2005. Chanel is also a professional athlete and coach of an area women’s basketball team; while having a fantastic relationship with her husband; not letting his career affect their personal lives; attending Sunday services together often.

Net Worth

Eric Weddle has amassed a net worth of $20 Million due to his long and successful NFL career and associated endorsement deals and investments. Additionally, his charitable activities support breast cancer awareness and communities with disabilities.

As well as being an accomplished athlete, Weddle is also a devoted husband and father to his four children – Brooklyn Marie, Silver Jean, Gaige Leroy and Kamri Joe. He married Chanel from his high school sweetheart back in 2005. Together they share four kids: Brooklyn Marie, Silver Jean, Gaige Leroy and Kamri Joe.

He owns an extravagant home in Quarry Lake, Baltimore that spans over 6000 square feet and was purchased for $1 Million in 2016. This breathtaking property includes a large pool and breathtaking views. Furthermore, he also owns a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado truck.

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