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Henry Titanium Slip-Joint Pocket Knife From WESN

WESN offers this stunning Henry Titanium Slip-Joint Pocket Knife as a stunning piece to add to your EDC. Featuring a non-locking blade under three inches long that makes it UK legal, as well as available finishes of titanium or dark cherrywood for an ideal addition.

WESN was inspired by traditional slip-joints found in northwestern Sweden to design this spear point blade from Sandvik 14C28N steel secured via a non-locking slip-joint. It features Daren Magee’s stunning artwork on its G-10 handle.

Early Life and Education

Henry Flipper became the first African American graduate from West Point in 1912. Later he wrote of his experiences, such as facing an inhospitable white student body and being wrongfully court-martialed for doing so.

Raised on tales of the crusades, he sought to defeat Muslims and spread Christianity in an international holy war. While his expeditions helped open trade routes and bring together many people, their colonization efforts unleashed some of humanity’s darkest acts.

Henry had tried his hand at several unsuccessful business ventures before enrolling at Lexington College. Upon graduation with honors, he made an inspirational commencement speech about knowledge. Subsequently he opened up a law practice in Virginia while also becoming involved in politics, including authoring Stamp Act Resolutions that opposed Parliament’s right to tax colonies.

Professional Career

Henry has won widespread critical acclaim throughout his career for his performances in films such as Bottle Rocket (1996) and Rushmore (1998), as well as stage productions at Weekend Theater and Murry’s Dinner Playhouse in Little Rock.

He and his family own a majority stake in the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball and led an ownership group to purchase and renovate Fenway Park. Additionally, he briefly owned Orlando Magic of NBA while leading efforts to secure an NHL expansion franchise, ultimately becoming Colorado Rockies.

WESN’s first slip-joint pocket knife, the Real Fun Henry, features a Sandvik 14C28N blade coupled with titanium scales and dark Cherry inlays for a functional work of art you can carry everywhere. Thanks to Daren Thomas Magee’s collaboration, this EDC features an unforgettable aesthetic while the $165 Henry also comes complete with matching bandana, enamel pin, and stickers for an immersive experience.

Achievement and Honors

WESN of Detroit offers the Henry Titanium Slip-Joint Pocket Knife as a stunning piece of functional art you can carry in your pocket. Boasting a Sweden-sourced 2.35″ Sandvik 14c28n steel blade ground into something between sheepsfoot and drop point shapes, its handle features titanium scales paired with dark cherry wood inlays to form one of the most eye-catching EDC pieces available today.

At Alabama, Heisman Trophy recipient Henry set numerous school and SEC records while helping Alabama capture the national title in 2015. Henry credits his late grandmother’s influence as being critical in his athletic development; she instilled him with the confidence to complete college – she made that promise herself!

He founded the Two All Foundation to level the playing field for today’s youth. Additionally, he was nominated for the 2021 Walter Payton Man of the Year award.

Personal Life

Wesn Henry has two children with his wife Lisa. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Wesn enjoys hunting, hiking and camping with his family as well as cooking and baking in his free time.

He achieved international acclaim for his early works Bottle Rocket and Rushmore as well as stop-motion films Fantastic Mr Fox, The Darjeeling Limited, and Isle of Dogs. For these efforts he received multiple Academy Award nominations and won one Golden Globe award.

The WESN Henry non-locking slip joint knife upholds their high standards by employing a Sweden-sourced 2.35″ Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel blade that fits somewhere between a sheepsfoot and drop point shape, featuring titanium scales with dark cherry inlays to complement its titanium sheath, featuring an integrated paracord attachment point.

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