What Does New Card Is Being Produced Meaning Uscis

What Does New Card Is Being Produced Mean?

What does the status report ‘new card is being produced’ mean? In this article, you will learn how to interpret the meaning of the ‘new card’ and how you can obtain your new card. You will also discover how to apply for an EAD card and how much it costs.

Status report of ‘new card is being produced’

USCIS has processed your EAD application and it’s now time for it to be printed on paper. The new card will arrive between five and ten days. Once the card has been printed, you’ll receive an update on your account.

Meaning of ‘new card’

The employment authorization document (EAD) processing time is the time between when USCIS sends your card to the printing facility and when you receive it in physical form. You can check your EAD status online at USCIS.com, or by calling the USCIS customer service center. If your application is approved, you can expect to receive your card in five to ten days.

Process of obtaining EAD card

Applying for an EAD card is a simple process, which consists of a few steps. The first step is to obtain the Form I-765 from USCIS. This form can be found on USCIS’s website. Before you fill it out, make sure that you have downloaded the most current version as USCIS updates and changes forms frequently. The form requires you to provide your personal details and answer questions regarding your category. The answers will help the USCIS determine what documents you need to submit with your application.

Cost of obtaining EAD card

The process of applying for an EAD card can be expensive. The fee for filing an I-765 petition is $410, and the biometrics fee is $85; however, some immigrants may be exempt from paying the biometrics fee. If you are planning to apply for an EAD card, you should check the fees in advance.

EAD processing time

USCIS has been facing growing backlogs since the start of FY 2010, and this is affecting employment authorization as well. The COVID-19 pandemic, staffing shortages, and increased number of filings for other benefit types have all contributed to this problem, resulting in longer processing times for EADs. Ultimately, these backlogs are impacting applicants’ livelihoods and employers’ continuity of operations.

Requirements for applying for a green card

Before you can apply for a green card, you need to have all of your documents in order. You will need all of your legal documents in order and they must be in the official language of the consulate. For example, if you are married, you will need to prove that you are married to a U.S. citizen, and if you are an investor, you will need to present financial documents.

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