Who Is Oz On General Hospital

Who is Oz on General Hospital?

Those who have watched General Hospital know that it is a great show, but who is Oz on the show? This is a question that has been asked many times over the years. Here are a few answers.

Chris Van Etten leaves

Several General Hospital stars have recently exited the show. The latest to leave is Christopher Van Etten who has left the show as Chet Driscoll.

The actor’s character is a double amputee and he is also a motivational speaker. He recently took a break from acting to be near his family in Illinois. His mother had passed away. He shared a photo of himself as a young boy on her lap.

During his time on the show, Van Etten said his favorite thing about the show was the opportunity to play Chet Driscoll. He had a great time working on the show.

Van Etten will be back on the show soon. He will return as Chet for the holiday season. General Hospital will feature several storylines heating up during the next few months. Several other characters will be exiting. There will be a lot of twists and turns.

As for the most important reason to leave the show, Chris Van Etten said he was leaving to spend more time with his family. His family moved out of California.

Josh Kelly joins the cast

Apparently, Josh Kelly has a new role to play on General Hospital. The actor has joined the cast of the ABC soap opera, making him the latest in a string of casting changes.

According to reports, Kelly will be a series regular. While details of his role are elusive, he is likely to be involved in a major storyline sometime in June.

In addition to his role on GH, Kelly has a long list of credits. He has appeared in several primetime series and films. He also made his mark on the film franchise The Transformers. He was also a cameraman in the Lifetime movie UnREAL, a scripted series about backstage at a reality dating show.

He has also made an appearance on other soaps, including Grey’s Anatomy and Army Wives. Kelly is also a strong supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project.

It’s no secret that Kelly is a big fan of General Hospital. In fact, he was even forced to watch the show when he was a kid, based on his sister’s recommendation.

Trina Robinson’s ordeal is finally over

Whether Trina Robinson is exonerated or convicted, she has been through an ordeal for months. After she was accused of recording sex, she has been on a quest to prove her innocence. But she has faced plenty of cover-ups and has had to deal with her father’s death.

Portia Robinson has been trying to protect Trina from being sent to jail. She thinks that if she dies, her father’s secret will die with her. She is trying to hide as many details as possible about Trina, and she may face an ultimatum to tell Curtis. However, Trina knows that Portia can’t be trusted. She has the power to force Portia to reveal her true identity.

Curtis Ashford is the boyfriend of Portia. They have been together since the day they met. They have been falling in love, and Spencer has been confessing his love to Trina in his daydreams. He hopes that when Esme is revealed as the culprit, he will be able to be with Trina. He wants to help her prove her innocence.

Esme will make herself home at Wyndemere

Previously, Esme was believed to be dead. After the July sweeps, Esme resurfaced in Port Charles. She is believed to be pregnant with the next heir to the Cassadine fortune.

Now, it appears that Esme has a plan to get herself back out of Wyndemere. In the coming weeks, she will make an attempt to rob the house. Her plan will be thwarted.

Esme is very possessive. She was very upset when she found out that Spencer was attracted to Trina. She then introduced herself as Spencer’s girlfriend. Trina was very hurt by this.

Esme will also have a difficult time with Ava Cassadine. Ava is not happy with her decision to live at Wyndemere. Ava wants to settle the score with Esme.

She is also angry at the way that Esme has been treating her. She is also jealous of Spencer. Esme has a history of trying to ruin Ava’s life. She will also attempt to destroy Ava and Victor’s relationship.

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