Who Was Kylie Strickland Married To

Who Was Kylie Strickland Married To?

Whether or not you’re a fan of TikTok, you’ve probably heard of Kylie Strickland. She’s a popular user of the social network, and her lip sync videos have helped her amass more than 260k followers. She’s also an influential influencer on Instagram, and has accumulated over 62,000 fans.

When she was a child, Strickland lived in Lagrange, Georgia. She grew up with a loving family that showered her with attention. She attended the same school as her brother. She has strong ties to her community, as her father owns a pizza restaurant in Troup County. She grew up with the support of her parents, and the success she’s achieved online is partly thanks to her upbringing. She’s now been arrested for allegedly exposing her breasts to two minors during a live stream. This led to her being charged with child exploitation, and a felony in Georgia.

In a video posted on her TikTok account, Strickland supposedly exposed her breasts to two young boys. She said she did it in a “provocative” manner, and she hoped that her story would raise awareness of domestic violence. The video gained millions of views and went viral within hours. The next day, authorities took her into custody, and she’s now awaiting a bond hearing.

After her arrest, Strickland’s reputation took a hit. She was accused of exposing her breasts to two juveniles, and her behavior was considered disgusting by users on the platform. She also had her hair tied up in the video, which she later deleted.

Kylie was in a relationship with Cody Weems, and they dated for about two months. When he began abusing her, Strickland tried to fight back. Weems allegedly threatened her, saying he’d kill her. Weems also attacked another man in the home. Weems later broke into Strickland’s house through the bathroom window, and dragged her through the woods. Weems claimed that he thought she was having an affair with another man. The incident was caught on a camera, and after the video was posted, the public was shocked.

As soon as Strickland learned about her boyfriend’s abuse, she went to her TikTok account and told her fans. In a second video, she said the kids weren’t her children, and that her boyfriend was only pretending to be a parent. She claimed that they had already had shots when she arrived in the home. But the video proved to be highly controversial, and many people on the platform were enraged.

It’s unknown how much money Kylie has made since she started out on TikTok. She’s not revealed how much she makes, and she’s not been specific about her net worth. She does, however, have a lot of followers on the social network, and she’s generated more than $1000 per day. Until her arrest, she had seven million likes on her TikTok profile. The social network has since removed her account.

According to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, Strickland is facing a felony charge for computer or electronic pornography, and she’s awaiting a bond hearing. It’s unclear how long she will be in jail. She’s also been ordered to pay child support and to stop posting on social media.

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