Wide Neck Net Worth

Charles McDowell – Wide Neck Net Worth

Charles Mcdowell, popularly known by his online handle “Wide Neck,” became famous due to his unusually thick neck. To support himself he took odd jobs and worked hard in order to earn enough for a living.

He was born August 12, 1987, in Pensacola and raised by his mother; unfortunately he wasn’t the best student and often found himself getting into trouble with law, leading him to multiple arrests over time.

Early Life and Education

Charles Dion McDowell, commonly referred to by his millions of fans as Wide Neck, was born August 12th 1987 in Pensacola, Florida and raised by his single mother in a ghetto environment. He did not complete high school due to participating in illegal activities like selling drugs and stealing cars and was arrested several times during his upbringing.

Wide Neck first came into public attention online when his mugshot went viral in November 2018. His strikingly wide neck quickly became the subject of jokes and memes; eventually he was released after posting bond. Since then he has become an Internet celebrity; working alongside Daddy Long Neck on two music videos.

Professional Career

Charles Mcdowell (also known as Wide Neck) is an Instagram Star and Media Personality known for his unusually wide neck. Born on August 12, 1987 in Florida United States and living there now. Charles has amassed fortune through becoming an influencer on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Wide Neck shot to prominence when his mugshot was made available by Escambia County sheriff online and went viral, drawing worldwide attention with its stunning portrait featuring his massive neck. It quickly captured people around the globe.

After garnering national prominence, he began posting images to Instagram and quickly attracted over one million followers. Additionally, he collaborated with Daddy Long Neck – an extremely long necked young man – producing two music videos which have become immensely popular.

Achievement and Honors

Charles Mcdowell aka Wide Neck was born August 12th 1987 in Florida, United States and quickly rose to fame thanks to his extremely wide neck.

As a means to support himself, he took odd jobs at prominent firms in order to save money for luxurious living expenses. Soon thereafter, his mugshot went viral across social media platforms.

Since then, he has become increasingly featured in various comedic posts and videos online. Additionally, he teamed up with another Instagram celebrity named Daddy Long Neck (an unusually long neck) to record two music videos that have amassed millions of views on YouTube.

Personal Life

Charles Dion McDowell, popularly known by his moniker Wide Neck, was born to two parents in Florida in 1987 and is widely recognized for having an abnormally broad neck.

As a means of support, he took odd jobs at prominent firms in order to sustain his extravagant lifestyle and add to his cash reserves. For this endeavor he partnered with “Daddy Long Neck”, an extremely long necked young slim man from his local community.

Wide Neck is well known, yet has an extensive criminal record. He has been arrested multiple times for drug offenses, reckless driving and having his license suspended; yet is currently out on bail and lives with his family members and is an ardent follower of Christianity.

Net Worth

Your net worth is calculated by subtracting all assets owned from all liabilities held, providing an accurate picture of how much money is actually in the bank and helping make smart financial decisions.

Charles Mcdowell, also known by his nickname Wide Neck, became an internet sensation with his abnormally wide neck in November 2018. Soon thereafter, jokes and memes related to it began spreading on various social media platforms.

As a result of his widespread virality, his Instagram account saw an incredible boost and now boasts over one million followers (until December 2022). Furthermore, he collaborated with “Daddy Long Neck,” an ultra long necked young man to produce an original music video which has gone on to accrue over 5 million views on YouTube.

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