Will Shortz Net Worth

Will Shortz Net Worth – Who is Will Shortz?

Will Shortz is an American puzzle creator and editor. He serves as the New York Times crossword puzzle editor, hosts his weekly radio program called “Puzzle Master” on NPR, and founded the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

He holds a masters in Enigmatology from Indiana University and previously practiced law. Although he successfully passed his bar exam, he ultimately decided to follow his passion of creating puzzles instead.

Early Life and Education

Will Shortz was raised on a farm in Indiana and developed a love of puzzles as a child. After beginning as a writer for Penny Press and Games magazine, in 1993 Will became crossword editor for The Times crossword puzzle.

He holds the distinction of becoming the only individual ever to earn a degree in Enigmatology – the study of puzzles. Through Indiana University’s Individual Major Program he created his own curriculum and obtained this unique diploma in 1974.

Shortz currently resides in Pleasantville, New York and is active in his local community. He runs one of the largest table tennis clubs in the US as well as being an avid solver of the New York Times crossword puzzle. Furthermore, Shortz hosts a weekly puzzle segment on NPR and serves as director for the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

Professional Career

Will Shortz began his professional puzzle-creation career early, selling his first puzzle to Venture magazine at 14 and becoming a regular contributor for Dell puzzle periodicals by 16. Later he earned his law degree at University of Virginia but instead pursued puzzle creation immediately after passing the bar exam in 1977.

He has written or edited more than 40 books on puzzles, owns one of the world’s largest private libraries on puzzles, hosted numerous puzzle tournaments and championships as well as being a regular guest on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday since it first aired in 1987.

He lives near New York City in a Jazz Age mansion filled with Arts and Crafts furniture, where his hobby of choice is playing ping pong – for which he claims to be among the country’s best players.

Achievement and Honors

Shortz holds numerous accomplishments to his credit, such as being the New York Times crossword editor, hosting a weekly puzzle radio show on NPR, founding the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, author or editor of over 150 books about puzzles (Wordplay 2006 documentary film being among them), authoring or editing over 150 books and receiving an honorary degree from Indiana University.

He is an international celebrity, having achieved such heights of success thanks to hard work. He stands as an example for younger generations as it shows that success does not come easily and requires much dedication; his fans have appreciated his efforts and continue to support him as time progresses.

Personal Life

Shortz currently lives in Pleasantville, New York and enjoys being close to both his family and his friends, playing table tennis with them regularly and keeping his personal life private. Although he does have a long-term partner he keeps this aspect of his life private.

At about eight or nine, he first became fascinated with puzzles and began submitting limericks for corporate contests, winning several writing awards along the way and even being able to make some money as a result of this hobby.

In 1977, he earned a law degree from the University of Virginia; however, instead of sitting for the bar exam he decided to focus on puzzles instead.

He founded the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament and has written or edited more than 100 books of puzzles – including NPR’s weekly puzzle – including Sunday puzzles. Additionally, he earned a degree from Indiana University for an invented field.

Net Worth

Will Shortz is a globally famous figure and an inspiration to many people around the globe. Although his path to fame was long and difficult, ultimately it led him to success – eventually reaching stardom through hard work alone.

Will is a family man and has two children of his own. Unfortunately, however, he keeps much of his personal life private, not divulging much information about either wife or children.

Will Shortz has amassed great wealth through his primary profession as an Editor, having written or edited over 100 publications himself and amassing an impressive collection of puzzle books known as the world’s greatest private library. Additionally, Will has appeared as a guest on several well-known television programs as an expert guest.

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