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World1 Sports is one of India’s leading Sports Consulting companies with offices in Delhi, Chennai & London. The firm assists Professional Football Clubs/Academies as well as Business Conglomerates to plan and strategize programs related to grassroots development and activations activities on ground.

Football can be quite tedious to watch unless you enjoy its physical aspects; after all, it’s essentially a contest of size and speed!

Early Life and Education

Gymnastics and figure skating tend to promote early specialization to allow young children to perform maneuvers only possible at that age; however, sport scholars generally agree that children should play multiple sports to develop both physical competence and social-emotional capabilities.

SE is a pedagogy model intended to transform PE through team-oriented competition game forms and seasons.2 Its structure includes students remaining on teams throughout a season while being assigned roles and responsibilities which help ensure its success over the duration of that season.

Studies suggest that these features can produce mastery-involved climates during SE lessons; however, its remains uncertain whether this translates to overt links between SE lessons and youth sport practices or the creation of a physically competent embodied self.

Professional Career

Even though Olympians such as Lindsey Vonn and Shaun White can have net worths in the millions, many struggle to translate quadrennial glory into consistent incomes. With no sponsorship opportunities between Olympic competitions and no stable source of living costs being covered it becomes challenging to maintain an income for long periods.

World 1 League hopes to change all that. Launched Tuesday, it uses social media to put a contemporary spin on Olympic-style events, inviting athletes from around the world to compete in online challenges and first-of-its-kind stadium events. Co-founders include five-time Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross and three-time medalist Erik Vendt; while co-founder Morris also co-founded Nasdaq-traded esports company Super League Gaming; she now leads her own company as CEO.

World 1’s Open Challenges and Invitationals are virtual competitions, while its main events will take place in 2021. As World 1 declined to discuss schedules, prize money or the identity of sponsors.

Personal Life

Nine Olympians and entrepreneurs have collaborated to launch World 1 League, an innovative pro sports league centered around Olympic events with an eye toward social media competitions in sprinting, weightlifting, swimming and TikTok video submissions.

Morris declined to provide details of the schedule, prizes or any other aspects for its first season – due out this fall – that will include open challenges and invitationals held online as well as virtual Olympic-esque events called Live Main Events.

W1 has joined forces with Fanprime, India’s premier loyalty solution. Fanprime will enable Indian Sports, Esports and Entertainment organisations to identify their most dedicated fans, reward them with tokens for engaging and increase merchandising revenues.

Net Worth

World1 sports provides a platform for athletes, fans and teams to engage with each other more closely than ever before. Through Fanprime loyalty platform fans are given the ability to earn tokens for engaging on social media and streaming platforms – these tokens unlock status, fan rankings and exclusive content offers and experiences.

Sanya Richards-Ross is co-founder and five-time Olympic medalist; Erik Vendt is three-time Olympian and World’s Fastest Man; while Brett Morris was previously COO at Nasdaq-traded esports company Super League Gaming before serving as senior vice president for Mark Cuban Companies led by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Additionally, four-time Olympic gold medalist Janet Evans and musician DJ Skee are part of this diverse founding group.

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