Zac Brown Troubadour Hat

The Zac Brown Troubadour Hat

The Zac Brown juggernaut, as he’s been dubbed by the media, is more than just a touring act. In addition to putting out albums, he’s also spawned a string of successful spinoffs. This includes a record label and a music festival. He even has a hat. One of the more coveted is the “Brown’s Beard” hat, which he aptly names after his ancestor, John Brown Beard, the first settler to arrive in the region.

Not content with being the king of the road, he’s now promoting up-and-coming artists of all genres. From his eponymously named record label, to his hat, to his Southern Ground festival, to his many escapades in Georgia, he’s definitely a man of many talents. As for the music, he’s a prolific songwriter. Among his many hits are songs like “Red Clay” and “Small Town.” With a total of over 6 million units sold, he’s earned his keep.

Despite his prolific output, he still takes the time to appreciate the finer points of life on the road. While he does occasionally pop by his home turf for a quick dinner with the fam, he’s generally on the road for the better part of a year. Luckily for him, he has a posse of five. And one of them happens to be an old school musician who’s played with the big boys and the minors.

One of the more exciting things about his travels is that he’s never been stuck in a rut. His latest album, The Comeback, was a smash hit. For a start, it’s the best-selling country album of the year, with a total of over a million copies sold. There are also several high-profile artists he’s collaborated with on other projects, including Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell. Despite his hectic schedule, he finds the time to get in a few fun filled jams with his mates.

Having a great time with his entourage, he’s ready to get the party started again. Besides, he has a burgeoning list of projects to pursue, including his hat, the aforementioned juggernaut, and his other hat, Southern Hide, which is a line of leather goods with a twist.

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