Zahi Hawass Net Worth

Zahi Hawass is an esteemed Egyptian archeologist who served as his country’s Minister of Antiquities. Throughout his career he discovered many mummies and stopped several artifact smuggling rings; additionally he hosted multiple television programs and published many books.

Attaining his wealth has been made possible through excavation efforts, book tours, lectures, television appearances and merchandise sales; furthermore he has profited from consultancy work and investments.

Early Life and Education

Hawass began his archaeological career in the late 1960s as an antiquities inspector and quickly rose to become chief inspector of Giza Plateau and, later, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

He initiated movements to return ancient Egyptian artifacts held abroad illegally, such as the Rosetta Stone, bust of Nefertiti, and Dendera zodiac ceiling painting to Egypt. Additionally, he spearheaded efforts to facilitate access to Egypt’s treasures by foreign museums.

Archaeologist Peter Jones also contributed several books on Egyptian culture and history for Fox Television; one was with Maury Povich, another featuring actor Bill Pullman and host Hugh Downs; a third showed the discovery of doors inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Professional Career

Hawass is an esteemed archaeologist, Egyptologist, museum curator and former minister of antiquities who is well-known throughout the archaeological world and has received many honorary degrees from foreign universities.

He has participated in archaeological excavations across Egypt and written many books. Additionally, he has made television appearances and lectures, providing him with a steady source of income.

His tireless work has yielded numerous discoveries that shed light on ancient Egyptian life and helped establish him as a household name across the globe.

As well as his archaeological work, he has led movements to return famous artifacts back to their country of origin – this has greatly enhanced both his reputation and wealth, while his charitable efforts have garnered him numerous awards and honors.

Achievement and Honors

Zahi Hawass has long been at the forefront of Egyptian archeology and antiquities protection. Serving as its Minister of Antiquities, he has played a vital role in discovering and safeguarding historic treasures across Egypt.

Hawass is best known as the host of Chasing Mummies on television and for his various projects with History Channel. He has helped dismantle two artifact smuggling rings as well as discovered over 10,000 mummies during this time.

Hawass has written numerous books and remains active as an Egyptologist, becoming one of the richest archeologists worldwide through philanthropy and book sales as his main sources of income. Additionally, television appearances provide him with another means of support.

Personal Life

Hawass is well-recognized for his work in Egyptology, particularly regarding King Tutankhamun. He has written widely-read books for general audiences to promote ancient Egyptian culture study and has appeared numerous times on television to do just this. Additionally, Hawass has undertaken efforts to encourage tourists back into Egypt after recent political unrest has subsided.

He is married to Fekhira, a gynecologist, and they have two adult children together. He prefers keeping his personal and love life private and does not share details about them with media outlets.

His vibrant persona and vast knowledge have captivated a worldwide audience. His works have generated widespread fascination for Egyptian pharaohs and made him a household name around the world.

Net Worth

Hawass is best known for his work as Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities; however, he has also written many popular books for general audiences that have earned him considerable income over time. Additionally, television appearances and his many book sales have provided additional sources of revenue.

Merchandising, such as DVD sales and clothing bearing his name or image, also contributes to his wealth. Consulting work brings in considerable amounts of money as well.

Hawass has built his career by drawing drama out of Egyptological stories without tombs or gold, creating films featuring both sweaty underground activity and forensic investigation aimed at male audiences in their late teens and twenties.

He has played an essential role in organizing exhibitions of Tutankhamun’s treasures abroad, which have generated considerable revenues for Egypt.

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