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Zoe Herdman, a Neuqua Valley High School Senior, Has a Can-Do Attitude on the Field

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Zoe Herdman is an actor best known for her performances in Break up & Break in, Afterglow, Eggshells and Nutrients. Read on to gain more insight into this actress including their family life, career aspirations and lesser known facts.

Early Life and Education

Herdman is heading off to Butler University as a shortstop and has shown herself to be unafraid to do whatever is necessary – from splitting gaps to playing lockdown defense anywhere on the infield.

Herdman crafts an unforgettable performance in The Play That Returned To Us that will leave audiences laughing and weeping alike. Olivia Sterne plays Imogene beautifully while Greenwood Elementary School fifth grader Zoe Poole makes for an excellent Gladys.

Herdman will attend Butler University to major in biology on a pre-med track while continuing her singing and dancing careers. Herdman led the DuPage Valley Conference Wildcats unbeaten and were Class 4A regional champions, with Herdman leading their batting average with an astounding.488 average, 10 homers, 48 RBI and 13 doubles among her achievements on that team.

Professional Career

Herdman began his coaching career at Sunderland University before transitioning into assistant coaching at Manchester City Academy as an assistant coach, which gave him a deeper understanding of soccer.

He came as an unknown quantity when he took over as Canada women’s coach in 2011, yet has gone on to secure gold at both Pan American Games and Olympic appearances – as well as leading his team towards its first World Cup qualification since 30 years.

His latest challenge has been to take charge of turning around the men’s side, an endeavor which may prove even harder than turning around the women’s team. Contracted until 2026, he could well remain here for an extended period and is taking inspiration from trailblazers like Rafa Benitez and Jose Mourinho as role models.

Achievement and Honors

Herdman made headlines in 2017 for her unstoppable play in a state championship game. As senior pitcher, she pitched a complete game while striking out 15 batters and hitting her first grand slam ever in high school history in the opening inning of an eventual 9-3 victory against Naperville Central.

Herdman recently joined Butler and is studying biology on a pre-med track. Herdman credits both her family and CP with providing the opportunity for her to perform and grow as an athlete and learner.

Personal Life

Zoe Herdman always dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. On Wednesday at Neuqua Valley, junior pitcher Zoe Herdman took her passion for the game to new heights: She pitched a one-hit shutout while hitting a grand slam grand slam to help the Wildcats defeat Naperville Central 9-3.

One young woman fleeing Afghanistan and Boston finds a job she can’t refuse on Wynter Island that changes her life in ways she never expected.

Net Worth

Herdman has won the hearts of millions with her vibrant personality, becoming one of the world’s leading fashion and beauty vloggers. Her estimated net worth stands at approximately $4 Million.

With her insightful interviewing techniques and engaging tactics, she is adept at drawing out genuine reactions from notable guests. Her show, Chicken Shop Date is famed for featuring celebrities such as rappers, grime artists, and famous footballers against an unexpected background: that of a local fried chicken shop.

Paul and Linda Herdman are extremely proud of her storied career. Not only has she gained prominence through YouTube, she also serves as digital ambassador for National Citizen Service and Mind, and has appeared in various television series like UGETME and Newsround.

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